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How to grow your Nigerian Tiktok Account in 2023

How to grow your Nigerian Tiktok Account in 2023

With over 2 billion users globally and more than 10 million Nigerian active users, Monthly which is mostly dominated by teens and youths Tiktok video sharing social media has now become a fast-growing social media and even in ads conversion. Although Tiktok is not currently paying African content creators for their videos like they do to Western countries through sponsored content and gift from followers content creators are cashing out steadily from the platform.

Before you can make money from the platform you be active and also have a lot of followers who also engage with your content. In other to grow your Tiktok followers from zero to thousands of millions, these are the steps that must be taken.

Steps to Take to grow your Nigerian Tiktok Followers

  • Make content with popular tiktokers
  • Use trending hashtag
  • Make use of trending sound
  • Educational content
  • Give away challenge
  • Identify the content your audience like

Make content with popular Tiktokers

This is by far one of the most effective ways to grow your Nigerian Tiktok account, although it might not come cheap as some well know content creators will probably charge you before you can be allowed to make content with them, by doing so they are introducing you to their own audience which would further boost your popularity and also increase your number of followers.

Make use of Trending hashtag

This is one of the oldest formats for increasing your followers with any social media account which also works for Tiktok. Using the right hashtag at the time will push your content to millions of audiences. You can also use hashtag generator tools which are available online and also on the app store via Andros or iOS

Embed Trending sound in your content

Tiktok algorithm works well to help push your content to a larger audience when you make use of trending sound, once the algorithm detects that you have embedded a trendy sound in your content you have a 50% chance that your content will trend and it if a nice and catchy content it might be shared multiple times to different users.

Create a giveaway challenge content

For the content creator who has deep pockets and can throw money well creating a giveaway challenge is another effective way of increasing your Nigerian Tiktok followers. Is a known fact that Tiktokers like to jump on giveaway challenges especially when money is involved.

Identify the content your audience like

Being able to identify the type of content that your audience engages with is a plus. You can know this by checking your content statics. When you are able to identify that content then you should create more of them.

Create Educational Content.

Educational content gets more shares and also a high engagement rate especially when it is an unknown fact is can be a tech related content or current affairs-related content

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