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lucrative Businesses to start with 20k in Nigeria

lucrative Businesses to start with 20k in Nigeria

20k might be small capital, but there are some lucrative businesses that one can start with 20k working capital in the current Nigerian economy. Here is the list of the type of businesses to start with 20k

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How to Start Become a Data Reseller

Data Reselling business is another type of business that doesn’t request much capital to start so 20k is enough as working capital. The only requirement needed to be a data Reseller is having an android phone plus an internet connection. You can either create a VTU data site or register under an existing bulk seller that sells at a cheap rate while you resell to your customers. Below is the list of verified data Reselling website

The site listed above is all verified and also has good customer support.

Sachet water Business or Pure Water Business

Sachet water Business or pure water business as Nigerians call it, is one business that people don’t really give attention to. This is a type of business that even a student can run as a side hustle and it doesn’t require much capital. With less than 20k you can start the business as it doesn’t require much. the only this needed is to always buy in bulk as it comes cheap and it will also be an added advantage if it can be refrigerated, most especially during the hot weather.

Nylon Business

Nylon business is also another good business that doesn’t require much capital and can be run with less than 20k but it deals with movement from one shop to another advertising its traders till one have a stable customer. Starting a nylon business is quite easy, one just needs to locate where it is being sold at wholesale price to enjoy more profit or better still deal with the person producing it.

Sales of mean Boxers or Underwear

Selling unbranded men’s underwear or boxers which is made from cheap clothing material can be run with just 20k or less. one just needs to go directly to where it is being produced as one pair can coat 150-200 Naira at wholesale price and can be resold at the rate of 300-400 Naira depending on the location and how you are able to market it to your customers.

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