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How to use and request for palmpay QR Debit Card.

How to use and request for palmpay QR Debit Card.

Unlike other online banks that issue real debit cards to their customers, palmpay only gives out the palmpay QR card that can only be used on a palmpay pos or palmpay merchant app. The Qr card doesn’t have a special chip like other normal debit cards which means that it cant be slotted in any pos or atm machine. The QR palmpay card only costs 500 Naira to get one from any palmpay agent.

The QR Card can be used to check balance and make deposits for any palmpay user and it doesn’t experience any network failure like other cards. The only downside is that it can’t be used with any other agency banking app except palmpay.

How Does the palmpay QR card work?

  • The agent Scan the QR Card
  • Input the amount the customer wants to withdraw
  • Get the top code from the cardholder for validation
  • Agent gets credited and pays

How to get the palmpay qr card

  • Go to any authorised palmpay agent
  • request for the QR card
  • The agent registers and activates the card for usage

Note; The palmpay qr card cost 500 Naira

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