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How to perform a card transfer on Baxi pos

 How to perform a card transfer on Baxi pos.

As a Baxi agent, you can now initiate direct card transfer straight from the pos to the customer account without delay and the charges are also less compared to you withdrawing the money from the atm and then later transferring. How does card transfer work? to initiate a card transfer below are the steps to follow

Steps on how to initiate card transfer on Baxi pos.

  • Click on transfer 
  • Input the bank details 
  • Narration 
  • Enter your agent pin 
  • Click on transfer 
  • Select pay with card as means of payment
  • The customer should input their card pin and send 

The money will be sent from the card to the recipient bank and the best part of it is that you will only be charged for the transfer which is 30 Naira. Note if the receiver's bank is unavailable, the money will be reversed to the agent's wallet to reinitiate the transfer

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