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The causes of Pending Transactions in Baxi pos

 The causes of  Pending Transactions in Baxi pos 

You must have grown accustomed to the word "pending" as an agency banking agent. When Baxi agent users encounter these problems, it's typically because the network was down or Baxi 2.0 wasn't available when the transaction was started. These are the actions to take if these things should occur in order to prevent losing money or a customer.

Types of pending Baxi transactions and how to handle them.

Card withdrawal: Refresh the page several times and inquire with the consumer if they have been debited when you conduct a card withdrawal transaction and it indicates pending rather than successful. Wait for the final response if the customer has been edited before paying. You should request a refund if the pending change results from a communication fault or an inactive switch, but if it goes smoothly, you can give the consumer the money.

Deposit of funds: When a deposit transaction is marked as pending, agents must wait for the outcome. Do not retry the transaction if, after 20 minutes, it still shows as pending. Instead, contact customer service.

Utility payments: Always wait a few minutes before starting another transaction, reload your browser, and log in and out several times.

The best way to prevent pending responses as a Baxi agent

  • Ensure you have enough information.
  • Verify the bank's network signal.
  • For any updates, see the Whatsapp support group.
  • Always use the most recent version of your Baxi pos.

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