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How much can you make as a pos agent in 2023

 How much can you make as a pos agent in 2023?

Pos business is one of the easiest businesses to start in Nigeria and also a lucrative one. But one of the most asked questions is how much can one make in a month and also make on a daily bases. all this will be answered in this post. When it comes to profit, this is determined by the capital and also the location where one is operating and that is why it is very important to always find a busy and good spot to set up the business.

How much you can make from pos

   With 50k working capital, if an agent does only 2k withdrawal transactions with a total of  90 transactions and after the pos service provider has deducted their charges, the total profit will be 2250 and this can only be possible if the withdrawal is limited to 2000 Naira and also a total of 90 withdrawal transactions. But if the agent performs a mixed withdrawal ranging from 1000 to 10k, the profit for that might not exceed 1000 naira to 1500 or more if there is a nearby bank where another withdrawal can be made or you perform a deposit transaction.

List of reliable pos to use as a New Agent 

  • Moniepoint
  • OPay 
  • Baxi Pos
  • Nomba 

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