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Opay pos ( Commission, charges and how to apply )

Opay pos ( Commission, charges and how to apply ).

OPay POS is one of the most used by agency bankers and also business people for card transactions and also fund deposits. The reason is that they have a reliable network and also instant settlement. Opay Dont just offers pos service alone, They also operate as a digital bank with the name Paycom which can be seen under the bank list when making fund transfer. 

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Type of Opay POS Machine.

They have 3 types of pos machines which are (Traditional opay, android and mini opay) all these pos perform the same function but are been given out at different price cause of their features.

Opay Mini Pos

The Opay mini pos are the cheapest of all their pos machine and it is sold for 9,000 naira, unlike the other two pos, the mini pos will need the help of a smartphone to perform its primary functions which will allow it to link the opay business app and also a Bluetooth printer for printing of the receipt. The mini pos can only be used for cash withdrawal and card fund transfer all other activity will be performed using the app.

Getting Opay POS is quite easy, you can either apply through the Opay business app or visit there the main office at Alausa Ikeja Lagos 

Opay android pos

Unlike the mini pos machine, the Android pos is a stand-alone device that doesn't need any phone before it can work. The opay android pos can perform all functions which include (cash withdrawal, cash transfer, card transfer, checking of card account balance, bill payment and also the printing of receipts). The android opay goes for 35k 

Opay Traditional Pos.

Just like the android pos, the analogue pos is also a standalone but analog version and can also perform all the tasks listed above. The only thing that cannot be done on the traditional pos is to checking of network status.

Opay Charges for withdrawal.

For every card withdrawal transaction, Opay charges 0.5% for 0- 19,999 and 100 Naira flat for 20k above and also for card transfers they charge the same with an additional 20 Naira for transfer fees.

Opay Charges for Deposit.

For deposit Opay charges 20 Naira flat on any amount deposited.

OPay Commission on bills.

There is a certain commission paid to the agent and can be added to the wallet at the end of the month for every bill payment.

Price of Opay Machine.

  • Opay android pos 35k
  • Opay traditional pos 25k
  • Opay mpos 9K

OPay Debit Card.

The Opay card is a verve debit card that can be gotten from any registered Opay agent for 1k with zero charges and monthly maintenance fees, it can also be used to pay for online goods

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