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Moniepoint pos (Withdrawal charges and Price Review)

 Moniepoint pos (Withdrawal charges and Price Review )

Moniepoint is a microfinance bank that also offers point-of-sales services (POS) to improve financial transactions in rural and urban areas with less banking service. As a moniepoint agent, you can make financial transactions for customers without them visiting the bank, such transaction includes cash withdrawal and deposit, airtime recharge and also payment of utility bill. As a certified moniepoint agent, you enjoy low service charges for service rendered and also a smooth network for all transactions. All this can be done through the moniepoint pos machine which comes in two variants, android and analog both perform the same function and are also given out at the same price of 21500 Naira 

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Moniepoint Agent pos Registration Process

Before you can be unboarded as an agent, you will need to have the following document which is the requirement to be unboarded as an agent. All the processes will be done by a Monipoint aggregator, who will also be the one to check your transaction performance as they are target-based pos machines.

  • Identification card
  • Bvn
  • Bank account
  • Passport
  • Nepa Bill

Features of Moniepoint Pos.

  • Card transfer 
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Bill payment 
  • Checking of the account balance
  • Transfer

To get the Moniepoint POS you simply need to follow these

You can be issued an MP pos within 24hrs if you have all your documentation ready. Once the registration has been completed and your profile has been linked to a pos, you can start to transact with it. all these are done by the aggregator,. So to get the moniepoint terminal you need to get in contact with an aggregator. 

How Much is Moniepoint POS Machine – Moniepoint POS Price

It only costs 21500 Naira which will b funded to your account and 10k refundable if the pos is returned in good condition within a year, it can also be retrieved from an agent that doesn't meet the daily target. 

Moniepoint POS Charges – Transaction and Withdrawal Charges

Mega StarSuper StarShooting StarRising Star
Those whose transaction volume exceeds 500k daily, with over 40 transaction counts)
Pricing – 0.40%, N80 cap for withdrawals.
1k – N4
2k – N8
3k – N12
4k – N16
5k – N20
6k – N24
7k – N28
8k – N32
9k – N36
10k – N40
11k – N44
12k – N48
13k – N52
14k – N56
15k -N60
16k – N64
17k – N68
18k – N72
19k – N76
20k – N80
Deposit – N15 for any amount
Those whose transaction volume exceeds 350k daily, with over 28 transaction counts) 
Pricing – 0.42%, cap N84 for withdrawals.
1k – N4.2
2k – N8.4
3k – N12.6
4k – N16.8
5k – N21
6k – N25.5
7k – N29.4
8k – N33.6
9k – N37.8
10k – N42
11k – N46.2
12k – N50.4
13k – N54.6
14k – N58.8
15k -N63
16k – N67.2
17k – N71.4
18k – N75.6
19k – N79.8
20k – N84
Deposit – N18 for any amount
Those whose transaction volume exceeds 120k daily, with over 16 transaction counts)
Pricing – 0.45%, cap N90 for withdrawals.
1k – N4.5
2k – N9
3k – N13.5
4k – N18
5k – N22
6k – N27
7k – N31
8k – N36
9k – N40
10k – N45
11k – N49.5
12k – N54
13k – N58
14k – N63
15k -N67
16k – N72
17k – N76
18k – N81
19k – N85.5
20k – N90
Deposit – N18 for any amount
(those whose transaction volume exceeds 40k daily, with over 5 transaction counts)
Pricing – 0.5%, cap 100
1k = 5 naira
2k = 10 naira
3k = 15 naira
4k = 20 naira
5k = 25 naira
6k = 30 naira
7k = 35 naira
8k = 40 naira
9k = 45 naira
10k = 50 naira
11k = 55 naira
12k = 60 naira
13k = 65 naira
14k = 70 naira
15k = 75 naira
16k = 80 naira
17k = 85 naira
18k = 90 naira
19k = 95 naira
20k = 100 naira
20k to infinity = 100 naira.
The deposit is  N20 for any amount

Moniepoint Pos Target?

 As an agent, you are required to meet a daily target of 25k on withdrawal which is 150k in total for a week, Sundays not included. failure to meet the target will lead to the restriction of your moniepoint  account  

Does Moniepoint have an App?

Indeed Moniepoint has an application accessible on Google Playstore and Apple App Store

How would I synchronize my Moniepoint wallet?

  • Go to Service on moniepoint pos
  • Click on it
  • Scroll to Synchronize
  • Click on it and wait for it to complete the process

Does moniepoint give monthly commission?

You don't get any commission as a moniepoint agent, you only make money from what you charge your customer and you also transact very well you will enjoy the 0.5% cash back on withdrawal charges and transfer 

How much is Moniepoint pos machine in Nigeria

MP pos are not for sale but are given to a moniepoint agent on lease with a 21,500 caution fee of which 10k is refundable before one year.


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