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Best Mobile Bluetooth Label Printer

 Best Mini Mobile Bluetooth Label Printer.


This mobile label Bluetooth printer allows you to print a sticky label for your product or brand. Unlike the normal mobile Bluetooth printer that is used to print out receipts, The label mobile printer uses special paper that can stick to any package. So if you are looking for a mobile label printer that can be used to print prices or product details, this is the best one to opt for.

Features of  Portable Mini Lable Printer

1. Advanced thermal printing technology, no ink cartridge, convenient and cost-saving.
2. Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable batteries, working in low noise, the thermal printer does not need an ink cartridge when using, low operation cost.
3.200dpi high-resolution printing head, clear print, and stable performance.
4. Support multiple functions, it can print photos, labels, messages, lists, records, QR codes, web printing, and so on. The APP offers a variety of fonts and themes to make your photos stylish.
5. Record your life, print the scenery you see, record his or her sweet words, and collect the exercises you have done wrong, fun and practical.
6. Lightweight and compact size, easy to carry.

The Printer is available for purchase on Jumia for 9000 Naira 

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