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Working Virtual USD Card that works for online payment in Nigeria

 Five working Virtual USD cards that work for online payment in Nigeria.

If you have difficulties paying for online services and products in Nigeria using your naira master card and visa card, here is the list of working Virtual usd working in Nigeria with their exchange rate and fees. 

Working Virtual USD Card In Nigeria.

Chipper Cash:  Chipper Cash is one of the best when it comes to using a virtual card in Nigeria to make online payments it has proven to be reliable since it was created the only disadvantage is the exchange rate is pricy when compared to the others. With chipper cash, you get a Visa Virtual usd card that works on almost all foreign websites that accept USD as payment which includes Facebook, ali express, Apple Pay, and others. 

The chipper cash Exchange rate is 805 to 1 USD, you can also convert it back to naira, but at a lower price of 745 to 1 USD and the creation fee for the card is 2 USD with Zero maintenance fees.

PayDay Virtual Card: Just like Chipper Cash, the PayDay card is also another alternative to consider when you want to get a USD Virtual card unlike chipper cash, they offer Master Virtual USD Card which also works on most sites, and users even use it to order for the Starlink. and you also get a spending limit per Visa card is $3,000 and $10,000 for Mastercard per month.

Klasha USD Virtual Card: If you are considering using your card to also make PayPal withdrawals, they t would be better to opt for the Klasha card as it supports PayPal withdrawal which can be converted to the local currency and withdrawn. Apart from the virtual card service, you can also buy goods directly from Amazon from the Klasha app. The exchange rate is not that high like Chipper Cash and Payday.

Tribapay: Tribapay would be considered one of the most expensive USD virtual cards because of the service charge. Card creation cost $4 with a maximum single deposit of $10,000 and you also get charged on each transaction initiated by the card from 0.5 - $2 depending on the amount 


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