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How to make money on TikTok in Nigeria 2023

How to make money on TikTok in Nigeria 2023

TikTok currently doesn’t pay Nigerian content creators, so as a creator you must devise a way to make money on the platform which is the major focus of this article. How to make money on Tiktok. Below are the ways Nigerian content creators earn money on the platform.

How Nigerian Content creators make money on Tiktok.

Affiliate Marketing

Most Nigerian content creators with lots of followers do the promotion of products in exchange for a commission depending on the number of products sold and this is not only done by Nigerian creators alone, almost all the creators are into affiliate marketing and the most common one is Amazon affiliate. They add the link to the advertised product while their followers use it to order the product.

Uploading sponsored post

This is another way of making money on Tiktok. As a content creator with a lot of engagement, brands will like to partner with you for product promotions or even a fellow upcoming Tiktoker can also pay for a sponsored post.

Gift from fans

This is the most popular way of making money on Tiktok since Nigerian Tiktoker are not been paid by Tiktok for the content they create, fans can gift them coins and other gifts during Tiktok Livestream. These Gifts can be redeemed for Diamonds—TikTok’s digital currency while you withdraw it using your PayPal account.

Grow and sell a Tiktok account.

Growing and selling a Tiktok account is very profitable as most people don’t know how to grow a Tiktok account. They tend to look for an already developed Tiktok account that has followers and enough engagement for sale

How to make a withdrawal from your Tiktok account

The only way a content creator can withdraw their money from Tiktok is through a verified PayPal account and the minimum TikTok payout is 50 Dollars before you can be eligible to withdraw the fund

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