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How hawkit works (Make money and grow your social media followers)

How hawkit works (Make money and grow your social media followers)

Hawkit is an online platform that helps social media user increase their followers, comment, increase youtube subscribers and views, One can also make money on hawkit when you sign up for their membership package which cost 1000 Naira. The Hawkit app can be downloaded from your app store.

How hawkit works

Hawkit as a platform offers different services which include

  • Hawkit online marketplace
  • VTU service
  • Sell social media followers
  • Make money via hawkit

Hawkit market place

The hawkit marketplace is just like Jiji where you post your product for free but in this case, you pay 1000 Naira before your post can be published and with over 10 million visits every month your post can easily reach a larger audience. As a registered user, your first post is free while the subsequent one is charged from your wallet.

Hawkit VTU service

This plan is only available for hawkit subscribers who paid for the premium plan that cost 1k monthly. You can buy airtime and data at 20% cheaper than the regular price.

Buy social media followers

With Hawkit you can increase your social media followers from 0-100k within 72hrs when you buy their followers which include (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also YouTube subscribe) all come with different price tags and the most interesting part is that you get to verify the People that actually followed you from your dashboard.

How to buy Instagram and Twitter followers on Hawkit

To buy Twitter o Instagram followers from the hawkit platform, you have to place an order on the number of followers your want, each follower cost 5 Naira per follower and the minimum amount you can order is 1,000 Naira, not only that you can also buy Facebook and Instagram comment.

How to fund my Hawkit account

  • Pay with Card
  • Pay with USSD
  • Pay with Barter
  • Pay with PayAttitudeBeta
  • Pay with Paga

How to make money from Hawkit

To earn from the platform you need to register as a premium member with 1k which only last for a month prior to the renewal date, you will be given a different task to complete. After the completion of every task, your account will be credited and be withdrawn or used to buy airtime and data

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